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Top Tips of Powerpoint Services

Top Tips of Powerpoint Services The Basic Principles of Powerpoint Services That You Can Benefit From Beginning Immediately There are a lot of things to consider and most importantly, is the trustworthiness of the service you decide to use. Besides our expertise in supplying a collection of scholastic writing service, together with, our history of being the absolute most useful essay composing supplier readily available to you, we additionally offer additional on line Coursework Services. Freelance proofreading jobs are bountiful, and lots of businesses offer you work-from-home opportunities as an added benefit. In the majority of rival businesses, but our services are of highest quality and done solely by experts. You're absolutely free to compare them with the price of similar websites. Though the quantity of the on-line businesses which are now offering custom PowerPoint presentation services have been on the rise in the past few years, it can be mentioned that only a sel ected few companies can have the ability to match the grade of the professional PowerPoint that we offer to our customers. There are many reasons why you must prefer our services. The very best part is you will acquire high-quality services at low price. When developing a professional PowerPoint, it's important to first have a crystal clear comprehension of the sequence that you would like your power point to follow. You are going to have all information you have to outperform your fellow students and produce an impressive presentation of unbeatable quality. The ideal PPT presentations are tailored to the special requirements and qualities of the audience. A powerpoint presentation with suitable quantity of animation is one significant element to success. You ought to create an outline for your undertaking. Now you can begin working on the very first draft. There are several controversial issues in regards to sports. In the majority of cases, the power point presentation is principally in MS PowerPoint format. You might have some content flaws, but you mayhave no flaws in design. Our PowerPoint services also consist of tweaking any present PowerPoint presentations or slides you might have. Moreover, our designers and editors guarantee that the presentation is visually appealing and totally original, avoiding plagiarism at any cost. Our creative and professional graphic designers won't only produce infographics that are eye-catching, but also informative and thoroughly intuitive. Alternately, you can download our free PowerPoint diagrams to assist you with your presentation design. The target of this presentation is to introduce you into the practical tasks involved with creating a PowerPoint project. Our powerpoint expert will be able to help you create template which isn't difficult to use, and expandable, to help your company. You won't have any issue buying a custom PowerPoint presentation from us. Our site is just one of the most appropriate for essay help. You can trust the ideal essay help online. To start with, you should select which sort of essay you require, choose the topic and number of pages. While the essay is the conventional assignment featured in most college classrooms, it's far from the only sort of assignment a student will get during her or his academic career. Work is performed under various Subjects each headed by means of a Referee. In any academic job, whether it's a dissertation or a PPT presentation, you will want to follow along with a very simple logic. While writing articles your principal job should not just to compose the short article and supply information to your readers but in addition make that article error-free. What About Powerpoint Services? There are many factors that one wants to put under consideration when they're writing any type of work. For instance, you will see if you have sufficient speaker notes to explain your point. You don't have a fantastic speech writer for something to actually write well. Therefore, you might rest assured your term paper service will be transmitted by means of a pro. The Key to Successful Powerpoint Services While XML is the normal model for multi-channel shipping, the capability to reuse and repurpose content directly to Word and PowerPoint has at all times been a tough challe nge. Students frequently have difficulty preparing good PowerPoints unless they have a good example of the greatest format to use. Multimedia Presentation is the wide term and might consist following type of presentation for many purposes. The Upside to Powerpoint Services When you use our Microsoft PowerPoint services you may rest assured that you're going to be connected with true professional in this region. As one of the most popular software programs made by Microsoft and among the oldest programs of this sort, PowerPoint can be utilized in literally any business. Utilize Cad Crowd when you require professional help with nearly every software program. If you would like your PowerPoint presentation to stick out from the other, it is critical that you enlist a trustworthy provider of professional PowerPoint services.

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Organizational Behavior of Williams-Sonoma - 1187 Words

INTRODUCTION Williams-Sonoma is a nationwide specialty retailer that sells high quality, upscale products for the home through its 478 retail stores and various direct-to-customer channels. Its retail concepts are comprised of Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, Chambers, West Elm and Hold Everything. Williams-Sonoma, a San Francisco based company, generated $2,361 million in revenue dollars. The company employs approximately 6,000 people nationwide. Locally, there are approximately 900 people employed at its four distribution centers. Williams-Sonoma operates the largest distribution center, over a million square feet, in the Memphis area. The organization rates a 10 in job satisfaction because it†¦show more content†¦Several times a week, operations are halted due to server and desktop crashes. As discussed in Chapter 10, the ability to get data quickly and accurately crucial to decision making among management. However, this is major weakness f or this organization. Although the company has a various recognition programs and a high employee loyalty, management does a poor job in enforcing performance standards and rates in the distribution center. Each department has own set of productivity rates. Present day, employees are not held accountable for maintaining production expectation. As a result, upper management observes highs and lows in overall performance and product throughput instead of consistency in overall performance. SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT In order to alleviate its server capacity constraints, speed its data retrieval process and reduce the number business systems used, Williams-Sonoma should upgrade to Windows 2000, purchase new servers and implement the SAP program. SAP is a customized program package that integrates a company s supply chain. It s primary function is the ability for order management, sales and distribution to communicate electronically with the financial systems and controls by providing real-time information for decision making. The system is fast, user friendly and most importantly real-time. It is beneficial because it reduces human error, improves productivity, improves dataShow MoreRelatedA Few Definitions Are Necessary To Understand While Learning1668 Words   |  7 PagesDisorder which is defined as a person having an overwhelming sense of self-importance and need for admiration. This is an exceptional example of how a person’s lack of empathy can make them manipulative (Albert Ell is Institute). However, manipulative behaviors are also associated with having too much empathy. Goleman gives the example of serial killers, who marry their victims just to kill them are known to be very empathetic. Another example, dictators, they use their charm to convince thousands of peopleRead MoreEssay on Police Abuse of Discretion2738 Words   |  11 Pages â€Å"But they didnt have to beat me this bad. I dont know what I did to be beat up. Rodney King, March 3, 1991. Police Brutality has been a long lasting problem in the United States since at least 1903 when police Captain Williams of the New York Police Department said the phrase, There is more law at the end of a policemans nightstick than in a decision of the Supreme Court. In the 1920s the Wichersham Commission had a number of instances of police brutality. Many of these included the useRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Wor ds   |  1573 Pages Organizational Behavior This page intentionally left blank Organizational Behavior EDITION 15 Stephen P. Robbins —San Diego State University Timothy A. Judge —University of Notre Dame i3iEi35Bj! Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo Editorial Director: Sally Yagan Director of Editorial Services:Read MoreeCommerce Developments and Themes10793 Words   |  44 Pagesdigital technology → Commercial transactions: exchange of value across organizational or individual boundaries in return for products or service. We use the term e-business to refer primarily to the digital enablement of transactions and processes within a firm, involving information systems under the control of the firm. E-business does not include commercial transactions involving an exchange of value across organizational boundaries Debate about meanings and limitations of terms e-commerceRead MoreBest Buy S Turn Around Strategy13959 Words   |  56 Pagesgranting him the honorary title of â€Å"Founder and Chairman Emeritus† and permitted him to finish out his term as director through 2013. The investigative report indicated that Schulze had learned about Dunn’s actions, confronted him, warned him that such behavior was contrary to company policy, but then dropped the issue when Dunn denied the allegations. To rectify this breach of ethics, the board named Hatim Tyabji, chair of the audit committee, as the new Chairman44 and hired an external consultant to runRead MoreMarketing and Financial Markets41809 Words   |  168 Pages2012 edition Pride Ferrell William M. Pride Texas A M University O. C. Ferrell Univesity of New Mexico brief contents Part 1: Marketing Strategy and Customer relationships 1 1. An overview of Strategic Marketing. 2 2. Planning, implementing, and Controlling Marketing Strategies 30 Part 2: environmental Forces and Social and ethical responsibilities 61 3. the Marketing environment 62 4. Social Responsibility and ethics in Marketing 92  © Part 3: Using informationRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 PagesStevens Institute of Technology Daniel W. DeHayes Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Jeffrey A. Hoffer School of Business Administration, The University of Dayton E. Wainright Martin Kelley School of Business, Indiana University William C. Perkins Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao

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Naft A Successful Or A Failure Program - 1812 Words

Over the last 20 years, thousands of individuals have searched for answers if whether NAFTA has been a successful or a failure program. Furthermore, we have forgotten or ignored the fact that millions of campesinos had or have sacrifice their lives for us to have our fruits and vegetables, our clothes, shoes and even our cars. As members of society, we do not question ourselves if NAFTA has really benefited our poor people or the impact of NAFTA in the lives of thousands of poor campesinos from the rural areas of Mexico and the United States. I must clarify that behinds NAFTA, there is slavery, dehumanization, exploitation and other factors that have impacted the workers on both the United States and Mexico. in disagreement with the†¦show more content†¦In addition, NAFTA guaranteed better wages and by rising the incomes, it was assumed that the lower class would earn more money not only to survive, but to be able to invest their money on a car or have a small business, whic h would persuade Mexicans that it was not necessary to leave the country and search for better opportunities somewhere else. Even though the impact of NAFTA has fundamentally changed Mexico in many ways; now, people have access to electronic appliances, expensive clothes and luxury cars, the treaty never met it promises. For example, the migration from Mexico to the United States, did not stop as president Bill Clinton argued. According to the article, â€Å"A fair farm bill†, the president of the time, Bill Clinton argued that NAFTA would eliminate the necessary large-scale of migration from Mexico because of the creation jobs and other redundant projects. However, that was not the case due to the fact that in between 2002 and 2005, Mexico defeated countries such India, the Philippines and Turkey in the role of global migration (Institute). Furthermore, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy states on the article â€Å"A fair Farm Bill† that during the period of 2002 and 2005, â€Å"†¦ the number of unauthorized immigrants from Mexico increased by 1.5 million to 6.2 million, wi th a calculation of 500,000 undocumented Mexicans entering the United States per year.† The provided data proves that NAFTA

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The Availabilityof Safe and Clean Water in Nigeria free essay sample

One would agree that something so basic and necessary should readily be available but that has not been the case with Africa. Africa is home to most of the poorest people in the world. It is a continent faced with numerous conflicts, trials and challenges; and a severe lack of access to safe water is amongst its biggest. An estimated eight hundred and eighty-four million people do not have access to safe drinking water, while some one and a half million children under five died each year from sickness caused by water-borne diseases. In Sub-Sahara Africa in general, there is no water shortage, but there is a lack of storage capacity and distribution systems. Nigeria is Africas most populous nation and is home to an estimated one hundred and sixty-seven million people. It is a country that receives a relatively high level of annual rainfall which is not distributed evenly through time or space. Because of these variations in time and space, people in different parts of Nigeria use water in different ways. For example, in the drier northern parts of Nigeria where rainfall is lower and less evenly distributed throughout the year, efforts have been made to develop irrigation. Down south, the rainfall is more abundant and supplies the teeming population who use it as a source of portable water. While irrigation is important in a few parts of the country, the vast majority of people use water mainly for day-to-day household activities like cooking, drinking, and washing. In a relatively well-watered country like Nigeria, one would think that acquiring water would not be a problem. Providing safe, abundant supplies of household water, has been an immense challenge however. Unfortunately, access to safe drinking water is far less than thirty percent on the aggregate. In a poor country like Nigeria, gaining access to safe, continuous water supplies is an ongoing struggle for many. Human wastes and pollution make many water supplies unsafe for many people. In addition, the state has been unable to provide safe, affordable water. This is particularly true in rural areas. In many rural areas, where the majority of the population live, women and girls are forced to walk long distances to acquire household water. In extreme cases, women and children may spend from two to three hours per day gathering water. It goes without saying that most rural households do not have their own pipe-borne water supply. In the best of circumstances, small villages or neighborhoods will have their own wells. While water supply is somewhat better in urban areas, major challenges still remain. In cities without a functioning public water system, individual households and groups of households must either drill their own well or purchase their water. The proliferation of small urban wells and boreholes is not a thorough end to the problem, however. There is no guarantee that the water drawn from the wells especially is safe for drinking. Due to a lack of sanitation facilities, household wastes filter into the cities underground water supplies. Furthermore, with an eighty-five percent increase in urban population from 1990 to 2004, the number of urban dwellers unserved with either safe drinking water or basic sanitation doubled from 1990 to 2004. In addition to rapid urbanization, ineffective governance and persistent poverty remain the root cause of water infrastructure associated problems. Access to safe water is also a critical factor in Nigerian public health. The most damaging drinking water-borne illnesses are typhoid, cholera, and diarrhea. Other human diseases are spread merely through contact with contaminated water. Bathing water illnesses include schistosomiasis (formerly known as bilharziasis), dracunculiasis (guinea worm infection), and roundworm infections. Drinking and bathing are not the only methods through which water-borne illnesses are spread. Contaminated water is often used to wash foods like fruits and vegetables. This often provides another channel for diseases to spread. Bad management of the water bodies too has led them to even becoming breeding sites for vectors of parasites that cause diseases such as malaira, river blindness, dengue fevers, sleeping sickness and so on. Nigeria is masked with challenges of coping with failing infrastructures, inadequate finance, poor legislation, lack of appropriate institutional capacity for regulation and control and often the political will to enforce control measures to bring about change. The position is complicated by the fact that governments have been at a loss on how to set standards to improve the water situation. Consequently, they resort to dependence on adopted standards, policies and guidelines as presented by international organizations. But in the midst of these seemingly insurmountable challenges efforts, are being made to bring about a shift in the status quo but they have not been enough. The theoretical and practical knowledge of water, sanitation and hygiene are of relevance in overcoming this water crisis and providing safe and clean water to Nigerians. The practical aspect may be undertaken in the form of a community development project. Objectives of such water supply projects will involve the following: †¢ Assessing community needs in relation to water supply. †¢ Developing a joint plan of action with the government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and community members for the supply of water and romotion of environmental hygiene and health. †¢ To promote the adoption of safe hygienic practices within the project communities in order to limit the occurrence and effects of water and sanitation related diseases. To assist in empowering the communities for behavioural changes through participatory approaches. †¢ To establish a powerful network with international organizations working on water, the environment and health in order to provi de technical assistance for the project, especially as regards training of trainers. Establishment of a joint planning committee including all the stakeholders and community members is very necessary for the project. This is important in order to have active participation and a sense of ownership of the project; such multisectoral committee will enhance the sustainability of the programme. The second stage of the planning involves the determination of a hierarchy of the project goals, objectives and targets which is to provide clean and safe water to members of the community. Going further, a generation and assessment of the various options available for achieving the set objectives and targets, as there are usually several ways of reaching a target. This will result in preferred options or a combination of approaches, which will then form part of the plan to bring safe and clean water to Nigerians. The programming stage translates the results of the option appraisal into a series of programmes, each with a budget, over the plan period. The penultimate stage involves the implementation of the plan, bearing in mind the various dynamics of the Nigerian poplulation. This involves transforming the broad programmes drafted to suit the smaller rural communities, into more specific timed and budgeted sets of tasks and activities, and involves the drawing up of a more operational plan or a work plan to service the bigger cities and the nation at large. The work plan is closely monitored during the implementation stage. This is to see that the corruption so frequently encountered in the system does not hamper the progress being made in providing clean and safe water to Nigerians. Simple behavioural changes have complex repercussions. However, such changes will not occur unless they are appropriate, affordable and acceptable, considering the complex web of socio-cultural and economic factors impacting at the individual and the community level in Nigeria; ultimately determining whether or not people are willing or able to make basic changes in their lifestyles in order to help serve them clean and safe water. These changes are geared towards safeguarding public health and delivering a better life to Nigerians, and must involve each and every one of us. Countless lives will be saved, and the attending socio-economic advancement would be rewarding to every Nigerian.

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Jewish History Essays - Zionism, Land Of Israel, Aliyah,

Jewish History The Jews are a people with a multitude of dilemmas. From the Israelite tribes to the prosperous modern day Israel , bigotry towards the Jews has been greatly evident. The Jewish race has acted as Escape Goat for many crisis throughout history including the black plaque which swept across Europe in the 14th century. The establishment of Israel was a great incident was something the Jewish people were striving to obtain for generations. This, however, led to four major conflicts between Israel and the Arab countries. One of the most meaningful wars was the Six-Day War. Events such as the holocaust have also had a dramatic effect on world history and whose mysteries are still being unravelled. For twelve years following 1933 the Jews were persecuted by the Nazi's. Jewish businesses were boycotted and vandalized. By 1939,Jews were no longer citizens,could not attend public schools,engage in practically any business or profession, own any land, associate with any non-Jew or visit public places such as parks and museums. The victories of the German armies in the early years of World War II brought the majority of European Jewry under the Nazis. The Jews were deprived of human rights. The Jewish people were forced to live in Ghetto's which were separated from the main city. Hitler's plan of genocide was carried out with efficiency. The total number of Jews exterminated has been calculated at around 5,750,000. In Warsaw ,where approximately 400,000 Jews had once been concentrated,was reduced to a population of 60,000. They,virtually unarmed, resisted the German deportation order and had held back the regular German troops equipped with flame throwers,armoured cards, and tanks for nearly a month. This heroism was similar to the revolt which took place around 165BC. This uprising was led by the Maccabees, a provincial priestly family (also called Hasmoneans). They recaptured the Temple and rededicated it to the God of Israel. The Maccabees made there last stand on a mountain and was able to hold back the syrians for more then a month. There is a distinct similarity between the two stories and that is possibly why they are both recognised as holidays in the Jewish faith. These horrific events of the holocaust have let to some consequences which are beneficial and some are unfortunate to the Jewish people. The population of the followers has greatly declined. Also the Jewish people after the war still had problems finding jobs. They had to essentially start there life over. Most of them lost a close relative or at least knew someone who died in the gas chambers of the Nazi concentration camps. This has put a psychological strain on Jewish survivors or no longer having family and friends with them for support. This event has awaken the world up to the needs of the Jewish people. It has given them political power and a justification for some of their actions. On May recognised,1945 ,the end of World War II was seen. Organized Jewry in the European continent was damaged beyond repair. The Jews concentrated on the preservation of Israel and on the bringing of Nazi war criminals to trial. There is a day of commemoration, Holocaust Day, observed in Israel and elsewhere on Nisan (April) 19 and 20. The date is considered the anniversary of the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The emergence of Israel as a Jewish state on the former territory of Palestine was the central political issue of the Middle East after World War II. A movement was established to work on the reestablishment of the Jewish national state of Israel. This movement was given the name Zionism. The Zionists were full of energy,enthusiasm, and skill which led to remarkable accomplishments. Israel was a modern European state in an underdeveloped area. This was the source of there problems and their achievements. The Jews received vast amounts of financial and military support from Western governments. The Israelis also benefitted from a highly trained and motivated citizenry to create a unique nation-state. It had taken the Zionists seventy years to purchase 7 per cent of Palestine. Now the UN was offering them another 50 per cent. The partition plan was objected by all of that Arab and Palestinian Arab governments. The Zionists excepted the plan. They however were upset that Jerusalem was excluded from the Jewish state. The Jews were the most fertile land including the citrus groves upon which the Arabs depended on for their living. Many of the nations of the world felt guilt or grief of the Hitler era. This is what is believed to have

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Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum Essay Example

Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum Essay Example Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum Paper Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum Paper Dues Rexes Judicature: The Words of Liberation for Women When Amelia Lancer wrote Salve Dues Restaurateur in 1 61 1 she intended to use her words as a platform In her fight to liberate women from the unjust treatment, and corrupt representation that the early male-dominated belief system bestowed upon them. It was not only her words that sought out this liberation, but also the structure in which she presented them. Her poem is broken up into distinctive parts that speak of women and the freedom, knowledge and power that was rightfully heirs. The title that she had chosen for her poem is Just one of many decisions Lancer made that gave her work more meaningful Impact on her readers. Latin was spoken and understood mostly by scholars or those who came from rich blood lines, and It Is the first sign of who Lancer wished her audience to consist of. She pleads her case to women of high-class status of which she also commends with her words. The language used to make up her title Is not the only significance wealth It. In the conclusion of her poem she explains why she had chosen this title, she writes if thou sire to be resolved, why I give this title, Salve Dues Restaurateur, know for certain , that it was delivered unto me in sleep many years before I had any intent to write In this manner, And thinking It a significant token that I was appointed to perform this work, I gave the very same words I received In sleep as the fittest title I could devise for this book. Gilbert, Guava 82) That statement handed down to her by God, however true it was, expressed her reasoning and might have also given her protection from opposition of her words that It followed. By appealing to the noble omen of her time, Lancer might have hoped that they would hear her words and that someday they could fight together to be accepted as equal no matter their status or education. The actual meaning of Salve Dues Rexes Judicature is Hail God, ki ng of the Jews, which was a variation of the words that were fixed above Jesus when he was crucified. Gilbert, Guava 82) It Is the actions of the women at the time of Chrisms death that Lancer uses these words to show the value that Jesus gave to women. Since he was born of a woman, nourished of a woman, and gave message of his surjection to a women that all creation should view them the same has their Father. Her argument in the defense of women begins with her re-interpretation of the story of Genesis. We have all heard the story of Adam and Eve and how Eve betrayed both Adam and God out of pure evil, and because of that betrayal both she and Adam were banished from the Garden of Eden. Of course with this Interpretation most would be upset with Eve and her actions. The blame was fully hers and because of 1 OFF ten Dealer Tanat women were Interior to men, Eves octagons In castes upon women as a whole. E Bide Ana Eden In Eves Apology, Lancer brings non-traditional concepts of women and religion into her explanation of Eves role in the Genesis story. She portrays Eve as Gods gift to Adam instead of an evil temptress responsible for the downfall of mankind. In her argument she points out that Eve is not given the same power as Adam, but instead, her role is to make Adam happy and do what he asks of her. From the beginning Eve is not considered Adams equal. She was conceived from a portion of Dams rib and therefore she is seen as lesser being from the start. She is not warned of the danger that eating from the tree of knowledge would cause them. Adam had been cautioned before Eves conception and his failure to inform her of the knowledge that God had given him left her open to temptation. When Lancer writes Eve, had no power to see The after-coming harem of her actions, (Gilbert, Guava 85) proves that she couldnt have known the danger and in fact did so out of love not betrayal. It is the misuse of Dams knowledge that damns all mankind. God had given him knowledge of the tree and when Eve brought her erasure to him to share, instead of educating her; he took the fruit out of greed so that he may gain the forbidden knowledge. Some refuse to see the discrepancy within each of the assigned roles these characters play. It seems that it was far easier to blame the naive Eve for the error, instead of admitting that Adam had made his own educated decision. Nevertheless, Lancer provides a great argument that potentially frees Eve of all guilt and again restores her to the righteous position she should have always held as a good woman with a good heart. Throughout Salve Dues Rexes Judicature Amelia uses many different rhetorical strategies such as persuasion with a touch of flattery when addressing her strong and powerful female audience, and gives the female gender a voice with her prevailing words and concepts. Following her strong argument in the defense of women is the imagery charged Description of Cooke-ham. Within this country-house poem, which is also believed to be the first of its kind, she uses unbelievable symbolism to describe an imaginary paradise for women that is kept alive by women without the need of a mans influence. It is here that she writes her book with the outside influence of the Countess of Cumberland, which seems to be the life blood of the estate. Her description of this paradise is one filled with symbols for the love and acceptance that radiates from this place. As she explains how all the land and its creatures gravitate towards the presence of the Countess, it is like you are there witnessing the influence she has on the universe itself. The most dramatic imagery is when it seems that the Countess is leaving and Cooke- ham begins to die all around her departure. Upon her exit from this place she kisses a tree that before had shaded them from the Sun as they shared their knowledge with one another. Lancer quickly kisses the tree after the Countess, so that she may take ten Knowledge Tanat seen Delves ten tree NAS galena Witt n r Nils act AT Slang the tree seems to be a metaphor. Like Eve who took from the tree of knowledge so does Lancer, but she does so not out of evil but instead with hope that she may spread the knowledge and power she had gained from her stay at Cooke-ham. I found great pleasure in reading Amelia Lancers Salve Dues Rexes Judicature. Her argument within Eves Apology actually opened my eyes to the inconsistencies of the actual meaning within the book of Genesis. For as long as I can remember I Just accepted the fact that Eve was the one to blame for their banishment from Eden. I didnt like the fact that anyone you ask thats the first thing they say is if it wasnt for Eve Now having read Lancers interpretation I clearly see the error in this long held belief and I am once again proud to be a descendant of such a noble women. However, by far my favorite portion of these readings was the Description of Cooke- am. In the way that her words flow and the detail that she places on objects and events is awe-inspiring. When the Countess is leaving the tone of sadness in her words makes even the reader feel as if they are losing their pass to this inspiring place. The knowledge and emotion that I gathered from these readings truly kept me wanting more. To think that her words were kept from the public for so long seems as if we were robbed of the Joy that I am sure that anyone who has the pleasure of reading this piece has gained. Amelia Lancer has done what she planned to do, and hat is to inform and inspire yet another reader and that is what makes her a truly gifted writer and woman.

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Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 12

Project Management - Essay Example These activity lists proposes all the scheduled activity which will help to complete the project quickly. Implementation of work package during project leads concurrent work on various different mechanism of a project at the equivalent time by multiple teams. Most of the times, the completion of work package has been overseen by the managers or supervisor or a team leader of a project team. Moreover work packages reduce the activity cost and other indirect costs like cost of material, cost of transportation, cost of labor etc. Work breakdown structure is a deliverable and oriented decomposition of a specific project into smaller components. One of the important uses of work breakdown structure is that this structure proposes cost control standard for the future project activities which may or may not be similar. Moreover work breakdown structure starts off with a generalized goal in a quality planning process and helps to identify the progressive narrow level of action that is needed in order to achieve the project objectives. While implementation of work breakdown structure the team should have in depth understanding of the tasks required. Work breakdown structure is the critical input which identifies the risks subsequently in macro and micro level of work packages. To identify the cost variances and scheduled variances, project managers quite often use the performance measurement baseline. The performance management baseline is the collection of work packages that estimates work effort and duration of every work packages. Moreover it controls cost of resources. After determination of scopes and approaches towards a project, work breakdown structure is constructed to complete the work packages efficiently. These will help a project team to identify the project activities. The key elements are required to construct a project work that is the resources. Project managers need to apply